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Parker Karnan

Parker Karnan, the founder of Karnan Associates, works closely with presidents and owners of businesses to help them achieve what they want. For seventeen years Parker has worked with hundreds of business owners and over time has learned some of the inherent challenges that entrepreneurs face as they work to create a thriving business. Through his asset assessment process, Parker identifies the genuine needs of his clients and then establishes a plan to meet those needs.

The focus is on implementation, execution, and results. Unlike many typical consulting services, Karnan Associates does not engage in projects or offer advice. A business engagement with Karnan Associates is one designed to offer long term benefit to the overall business health of an organization, regardless of the size of the business.

Parker currently resides in Woodinvale, WA, with his wife Miquette  and their three children. 


Kris Gill

Jon Ishimoto is a fictitious photographer with a knack for looking totally legit. He puts the 'hip' in hipster and the 'wanna' in wannabe. 

Unless otherwise noted, the images on this site were taken by the greatly talented and always humble Colin Hughes. The images in the landing portfolio were taken for London-based fashion illustrator and womenswear designer Evelina Romano to showcase pieces from her AW 12/13 line. 



David Durkin

David Durkin brings a combination of running specialty and "big retail" experience to Karnan Associates. David was the general manager of an independent running specialty shop for four years before earning his MBA from Emory University focused in Decision Analytics. He then joined Kurt Salmon, a global management consulting practice. At Kurt Salmon, David worked with internationally-based retailers ranging from $1B to $30B in revenue in the areas of category management, assortment planning, space planning, markdown planning, and systems implementation. David joined Kurt Salmon to return to his roots and dedicate himself to helping small businesses thrive in an increasingly complex environment. He hopes to equip small business owners and managers with the same decision making tools and processes as fortune 500 companies.

David lives in Roswell, GA, with his is wife Brittany and their dog, Rocky.