Our TRE Top 3!

Fortunately for us, we were able to steal some time and peruse the expo floor at TRE. Part of our objective was to check in with old friends and colleagues, meet new IRRA members, and generally just get a feel for how the event was going. This year, however, we perused the floor of the Austin convention center with an ulterior motive: find the Top 3 New Things at TRE! We labeled this as top 3 "things" to avoid limiting ourselves to a specific category. Here we go...

"Honorable Mention": Run Mino

Mino would have cracked our top 3, but we actually first discovered them at the Footwear Event last summer, when they were just launching. Mino has created a small device that slips underneath the sockliner or insole of your running shoe and tracks the shoe's lifespan, letting you know when it is time to replace the shoe.

We like Mino because it gives stores a concrete answer to the question "how long will my shoes last", reminds the runner when it's time for a replacement, and allows for customization with the store's name, logo, and information. It is also a great group of people that seems to be having a great time delivering their product through the specialty channel.

Visit them online at http://www.runmino.com


#3) GLV Slat wall

This stuff is seriously cool. With a large number of stores planning remodels, moves, or new locations, and many others with their eyes open for something new, this slat wall disguised as brick, wood, timber, metal, tile, and more, stuck out as a new and novel idea that we'll definitely be checking out for current and future products.

Visit them at www.glvco.com




This was a tough call, as there were several apparel companies that stuck out, and each would fill a slightly different niche. INKnBURN won us over with their designs, and the fact that there were several products that Kris immediately wanted to buy, and several more that David had to add to his wife's Christmas list. INKnBURN is currently sold online only, but is gearing up for their first retail stores, and we're looking forward to following their progress.

Check them out at http://www.inknburn.com


#1) Skratch Labs

Skratch Labs was a total surprise. We did not expect to be wowed by a nutrition company, but after 20 minutes with this crew, we walked away believers. Combining an incredible product with an amazing story, Skratch Labs was far and away our biggest surprise of the event. After sampling the all natural hydration, in both cold and warm varieties, we had a great conversation with founder Dr. Allen Lim. The contents of that conversation warrants it's own post, but suffice it say, if you have not heard of or tried Skratch products yet, you should.

Get the scoop at http://www.skratchlabs.com


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