Karl Heinz Kosse

Karl Heinz Kosse, our Opa, passed away on Wednesday.  He was surrounded by his wife and four children.  He was 88.


He lived an amazing life.  He was forced to leave his family and flee East Germany at the age of 12 during WW2 to avoid being captured and forced into the war by the Russian Army.  He lived alone in Berlin through High School and then moved to the US, alone, to go to medical school in Vermont.  There he met his wife of more than 50 years; she was from Haiti.  This unconventional but inspirational couple were married and moved to Aberdeen, South Dakota where he set up a successful Urology Practice.  For years his license plate read “2PCME”.  He and his wife made a series of great investments during his life.  One being a farm in Aberdeen that they sold for millions about 10 years ago.  His greatest investments, however, are his 4 children, all of whom learned the value of discernment, education and hard work from their father and have established themselves with successful careers while raising their children well.  He never stopped learning and always seemed to have a new project in the works, from learning Russian to baking elaborate cakes and pastries.  A soft-spoken man with a big heart, he battled Parkinson’s disease in his later years but was always finding ways to keep moving despite its progressive nature.  A wonderful story teller and a man full of knowledge, he will be fondly remembered by all who knew him. 

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