What We Do.


Our approach is not cookie cutter. We get to know you and pool our knowledge with yours to develop and execute the plan to take you to the next level.  Sometimes it’s fun.  Sometimes it’s not.  But it is always worth it.

Do you want to Run Great?


Sales planning

What is your high level sales plan for the upcoming months and years? Which categories are increasing or decreasing? Will you add or eliminate categories, and how will this affect sales? How are sales distributed throughout the seasons? What is your margin in each category, and how does it vary through the year.


You have a treasure trove of data within your system that you can leverage to cultivate relationships with your customers and increase the health of your business. Together, we can build a marketing strategy and action plan that can be implemented immediately.


Even the best plans are never 100% accurate, so adjusting in season is critical to ensuring that customer expectations are met, inventory levels are appropriate, and margin is maintained. We work with buyers and managers to implement effective and efficient tools and processes to identify winning items, under performers, and potential inventory risks within the season.

CATEGORY and strategy management

We empower managers and buyers with the tools and process to effectively develop category strategies and assortment plans. Our hands-on approach allows us to work closely with clients while they develop their category and assortment plans, and follow through with feedback and guidance during the execution, adjustment, and analysis of those plans. We give buyers the tools and knowledge to strategically invest to improve their areas of the business.


What is your long term vision? Where should you invest or divest? What are your opportunities for expansion? Are your goals attainable within your market, and if so, are you positioned to meet them? What are your exit strategies?

Financial Analysis

How healthy is your business? Where can you improve, and what areas of potential risk? Financial analysis includes interpreting and monitoring financial statements, developing cash flow and accounts payable strategies, and determining appropriate debt structures.


Decision and scenario Modeling

Many decisions you face are multi-faceted, complex, and data intensive. Through decision modeling, we present the available data in multiple ways to help you understand the range of potential outcomes and their likelihoods. This process enables data-driven decision making and provides a clear picture of potential results.


With the day to day pressures of managing cash flow, inventory, customers, and employees, it can be easy lose focus on the long-term picture. Quarterly, Annual, and Long-range planning is critical to ensuring that you get what you want from the business.

Sales training

Our Relationship Selling curriculum introduces a new angle on retail selling with a customer-centric approach. Delivered through workshops with your entire staff, Relationship Selling will increase their ability to connect with and engage customers.

Buyer training

Buying for a specialty retail store presents unique challenges. We provide a process and analytical tools to give buyers the science to balance out their artful eye. This training provides a buyer with the tools and knowledge to implement a category strategy, assortment planning, and inventory management approach.

vendor workshops

Vendors play a vital role in the specialty retail world, and retailers are obviously critical to vendors. We provide education to vendors on current industry best practices and trends. Additionally, many of the planning and analysis techniques that work for retailers can be applied in a similar manner within vendor organizations.

Other workshops and engagements

Karnan Associates will plan, develop content, and execute customized workshops or training based on the needs of your organization. Our experience ranges from delivering key note addresses to planning and implementing multi day conferences.