Please answer all the 15 questions below.  Answer them according to your general tendencies or how you most typically would act.  In some cases you may feel that neither answer describes you very well.  This is expected, and you are urged to answer according to how you would act given the two possible options.  There are no wrong answers.

1. When being fitted for a pair of shoes, a new customer in my store will generally
2. When it comes to product markdowns, I
3. My store will be successful if I
4. I view my vendors for the most part as
5. My return policy is
6. When vendors launch new product marketing campaigns, I generally
7. I would probably provide a better overall retail experience if I
8. My shoe wall is
9. In my opinion, running apparel done right is
10. When it comes to my business, I pay more attention to
11. The more important aspect of an end of season sale is to
12. I enjoy myself more when I
13. When I consider the success of my store, I think of it like
14. It bothers me more when
15. If I am left with a number of black tights going into spring, I am more likely to
Is there anything else you'd like us to know?