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Get Fit

Amarillo, Texas

"I started my professional relationship with Parker and Karnan Associates over nine years ago.  Parker and Kris were there from the beginning and helped guide me in opening with the appropriate amount of inventory, which was about half of what I thought we needed!

As our relationship grew, so did my business.  As our customer base increased, so did our inventory needs and in five short years we outgrew our space.

Parker was instrumental in helping me locate and design our new space and increase inventory at an appropriate pace.  As we continue our growth and look forward to a brighter future, I feel blessed that I can attribute much of the success of Get Fit to the guidance Karnan Associates had provided. "

Karen Roberts, Owner. 


AArdvark Sports Shop


"At Aardvark, we have been working with Karnan Associates steadily over the last two years. Our focus has really been in the areas of inventory management and improvement on the sales floor.

The Karnan team has been very helpful, making sure our already strong staff continues to improve. We have succeeded in increasing UPT’s and average sale dollars and decreasing our volume of returns, in large part due to KA’s work with our sales team.

The biggest improvement for us, however, has been in managing inventory. We have eliminated our unproductive SKUs, allowing us to invest more in the merchandise that has worked well, as well as pick up a few new items to keep the store fresh. I couldn’t be happier with the guidance we have received from Karnan Associates."

Bruce Haines, Owner.

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Running Central

Peoria, Illinois

"We began working with Karnan Associates in the end of 2009.  At that time and in the years that followed, we were experiencing tremendous double digit growth year after year.  I did not have a problem connecting with our community and getting people to walk inside our doors.  However, I lacked understanding and command on fundamental retail metrics.  At the same time, I lacked the ability to identify areas within our business to improve upon, and in turn, make us a more profitable business. 
Working with the team at Karnan Associates gave me working knowledge and understanding of how to run a retail business from the front to back of the house.  The advice, guidance, instruction, and mentoring provided by Karnan Associates has been instrumental and invaluable to the growth and success we have experienced as an organization.  We are truly thankful and grateful to the team at Karnan Associates."

Adam White, Owner.